Quarter Finals take centre stage at SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup 2019

It was a truly memorable second day of the SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup on Wednesday as 32 leagues booked their place in the quarter-finals of the Cup, Bowl, Shield and Trophy.

Longford have been the talk of the huge crowds that have gathered over the opening days, with Stephen Kelly’s youngster, who were ranked fourth in their group, topping the table.

They will play Galway, who have also been in fine form, while the DDSL will battle it out with Dublin rivals NDSL.

The other two quarter-finals will see Waterford and Carlow and Kildare and Mayo lock horns – all four sides have been impressive in their group ties, and will feel they can take a step closer to Saturday’s Final.

Elsewhere, in the Bowl, which sees the second placed teams from the groups compete, Wexford and Midlands face off, as do South Belfast YL and Limerick District, Drogheda and Cork and Kerry and Sligo/Leitrim.

The Shield competition will feature Inishowen v Wicklow, South Tipperary v Donegal, Kilkenny v Clare and West Cork v Dundalk.

Finally, in the Trophy competition, North Tipperary play Limerick Desmond, Limerick County face NECSL, Roscommon go up against Ahtlone and Cavan/Monaghan take on WWEC.

Wednesday’s Results:

Group 1 WWEC 0-3 Wexford, Wicklow 0-7 Waterford; Group 2 RDYSL 0-4 NDSL, West Cork 0-0 Lim Dist; Group 3 Inishowen 1-4 Galway, North Tipp 0-3 South Belfast; Group 4 NECSL 1-2 Midlands, Mayo 3-1 Dundalk

Group 5 Limerick County 0-2 Kildare, Clare 0-1 Kerry; Group 6

Drogheda 0-9 DDSL, Athlone 1-1 Kilkenny; Group 7, Carlow 3-0 Limerick Desmond, Sligo-Leitrim 1-0 Donegal; Group 8 Longford 2-1 Cork,

South Tipp 2-1 Cavan-Monaghan

Group 1 Wexford 0-2 Waterford, Wicklow 2-0 WWEC; Group 2

NDSL 0-0 Limerick Dist, West Cork 2-0 RDYSL; Group 3 Galway 0-0 South Belfast

North Tipperary 0-4 Inishowen; Group 4 Midlands 3-0 Dundalk, Mayo 2-0 NECSL

Group 5 Kildare 3-0 Kerry, Clare 3-1 Limerick Co; Group 6 DDSL 7-0 Kilkenny, Athlone 0-1 Drogheda; Group 7Limerick Desmond 0-3 Donegal, Sligo-Leitrim 0-1 Carlow; Group 8 Cork 3-1 Cavan-Monaghan, South Tipperary 1-2 Longford