Day One: SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup Results

Day one of the SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup 2019 saw some great games, as all 32 teams took part in 16 ties.

Longford had a superb win over Cavan/Monaghan in Group 8, while Galway were in superb form, beating North Tipperary in Group Three.

Others including Wexford, Waterford, Limerick District, Dundalk, Mayo and Kerry also won their first games, while Kildare came from a goal down to see off Clare on a 2-1 scoreline.

The DDSL and Carlow were the other winners on Day One, and Wednesday will see teams play twice as the groups reach their conclusion.

Tuesday’s Results:

Kennedy Cup Group 1:

Wexford 3-0 Wicklow

Waterford 1-0 WWEC

Kennedy Cup – Group 2:

NDSL 1-0 West Cork 0

Limerick District 3-2 Roscommon

Kennedy Cup – Group 3:

Galway 11-0 North Tipperary

SBYL 1-1 Inishowen

Kennedy Cup – Group 4:

Midlands 1-3 Mayo

Dundalk 5-2 NECSL

Kennedy Cup – Group 5:

Kildare 2-1 Clare

Kerry 2-0 Limerick County

Kennedy Cup – Group 6:

DDSL 3-0 Athlone

Kilkenny 3-3 Drogheda

Kennedy Cup – Group 7:

Limerick Desmond 1-1 Sligo/Leitrim

Donegal 0-3 Carlow

Kennedy Cup – Group 8:

Cork 4-0 South Tipperary

Cavan/Monaghan 2-3 Longford