EXPLAINER: All you need to know about the SFAI 12 Day Stay At Home Challenge

The SFAI 12 Day Stay At Home Challenge launched on Wednesday, April 1st 2020 and features 12 football based challenges for young players to do.

Following on from the SFAI 12 Day Skills Challenge, the Stay At Home Challenge includes ball mastery elements, while there is also some fun and enjoyment involved.

Further to the success of the first set of challenges, the difficulty in the Stay At Home Challenge has been increased slightly but all players can improve their skills by taking part.

Some of the challenges are standalone, while others combine skills and tricks learned over previous days.

Each morning the next challenge is released and the tutorial videos will be posted at 9am on the SFAI’s social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The videos will feature some of Ireland’s best street soccer stars and freestylers, while others will also feature.

Parents can send their own videos to the SFAI’s Facebook page via Messenger, with permission for the videos to be used/shared by the SFAI online.

A selection of the videos will be used on our social channels – we try and include as many as we can and do daily montages too.

Those taking part are reminded to do so in adherence with the HSE guidelines on social distancing. The challenges are for young players to try in their own home or place of residence.

Stay Safe, Stay Active and Stay Positive.