UPDATE: Ursula Scully to go forward for election to FAI Board as SFAI representative

The SFAI Executive Committee have tonight agreed to put forward SFAI Council member Ursula Scully of the North Tipperary Schoolchildren’s Football League (NTSFL) as their nomination for the FAI Board.

As current Secretary of the NTSFL, Ursula will go forward as the SFAI’s representative within the constituency of Schoolboys/Schoolgirls, with representatives of the schoolgirls game also entitled to put a candidate forward.

Ursula has played an integral role in the NTSFL for many years, she has volunteered at the SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup and SFAI Subway Finals, and was also one of 32 participants to begin the FAI’s Women in Football – Emerging Leaders Programme earlier this month, which was set up in partnership with UEFA and FIFA.

A graduate from the University of Ulster in Food Technology Management, Ursula went on to work with Kerry Group as a Quality Services Manager.

Ursula established her own business in 1999 with her husband and continued her further education by Graduating from University of Limerick with a Grad. Dip in Entrepreneurship Management.

Speaking tonight Ursula said: “I am delighted to be selected by the SFAI to go forward for election to the FAI Board.”

She continued: “Should I be elected by the constituency I will represent all schoolchildren throughout Ireland equally.

“Furthermore, I believe my professional background and skillset will be an asset to the FAI Board should I be elected.”

SFAI Chairman John Earley said: “I am delighted that Ursula is going forward as the SFAI’s representative, and should she be elected from the constituency of Schoolboys/Schoolgirls, I have no doubt she will be a valuable asset to the FAI Board.”

He continued: “Ursula has the full backing of the SFAI Executive Committee, and we will support her fully going forward.