THE DRAW: The SFAI Skechers National Cup Third/Fourth Round Draw

Following a thrilling weekend of the SFAI Skechers National Cup action in several regions across the country, the draws for the third/fourth rounds took place earlier today.

Often the most exciting, the rounds will eventually produce the teams lucky enough to go forward for the National Round of 32 draw, which takes place in December.

At that stage, teams from around the country come out of their regions to take on others from around Ireland when the competition resumes in January.

These rounds also link into the regional side of the competition, with 40 finals in total taking place across the eight regions.

On Saturday, the SFAI traveled to Tipperary for the U13 clash between Cahir Park AFC and Cashel Town – you can check out the video above or on the SFAI Facebook page.

For the breakdown of the full draw click below on your selected region (best viewed on desktop/tablet)




North Leinster

South Leinster

South East

South West


To view the different ages, use the arrows at the bottom of the spreadsheet.