All you need to know ahead of the 2019 SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup Draw

The SFAI New Balance Kennedy Cup 2019 draw will take place this Saturday in the Auburn Lodge Hotel in Ennis, Co. Clare following the SFAI Council Meeting.

The draw, as is always the case, represents the beginning of the countdown to the competition, which will begin in just over 100 days on Tuesday 11th June 2019 in University of Limerick.

Last year’s tournament saw 640 players from 255 clubs represent 32 schoolboy leagues from across Ireland – with the DDSL lifting the Kennedy Cup trophy on the final day, while Cork, Kilkenny, the NDSL and Galway also took home honours.

This year’s draw will follow a similar format, with the top eight listed teams in pot one and so on across pot two, pot three and pot four.

The group draw will be streamed live on the SFAI Facebook page from 2pm on Saturday March 2nd, and will be available in the news section to view shortly after that on both and

The format of the knockout stages will be available on both and in the days that follow.

This year it has been agreed that in the opening group games, Team 1 will play Team 3 and Team 2 will play Team 4 – see the group stage format below.

Game One: 1 v 3 and 2 v 4
Game Two: 1 v 4 and 2 v 3
Game Three:  1 v 2 and 3 v 4

The team listings with draw numbers were communicated to all SFAI affiliated leagues earlier this week – below are the numbers to watch out for when the draw takes on March 2nd 2019 from 2pm live on the SFAI Facebook page.

  1. DDSL
  2. Cork
  3. Kildare
  4. NDSl
  5. Midlands SL
  6. Galway
  7. Limerick Desmond
  8. Wexford
  9. Donegal
  10. Kerry
  11. CMUL
  12. SDFl
  13. Waterford
  14. Dundalk
  15. Kilkenny
  16. Limerick District
  17. Sligo/Leitrim
  18. Clare
  19. Athlone
  20. South Tipperary
  21. West Cork
  22. North Tipperary
  23. Mayo
  24. Wicklow
  25. Inishowen
  26. Limerick County
  27. Longford
  28. Carlow
  29. NECSL
  30. Drogheda
  31. RDYSL
  32. WWEC