Kilmacrennan Celtic and St Kevin’s Boys kick off huge weekend of Skechers National Cup action

The SFAI Skechers National Cup continues this weekend, with a huge number of ties taking place across the country.

In the Ulster region the action got underway on Thursday evening when Kilmacrennan Celtic beat Bonagee Untied 2-1 to advance to round three of the U13 Ulster region competition.

Others including Ballyraine and Illistrin will contest games on Saturday, while in the DDSL region, St Kevin’s Boys kicked off the weekend on Thursday night when their Saturday side took on their Sunday team in the U12 competition.

The DDSL sees a full list of fixtures at all ages, as is the case in Cork and North Leinster, while in other regions such as the South West, South East and Connacht, ties at alternative ages will be played.

As always, if you are attending a game this weekend please feel free to update us with scores, results, team pictures and videos as the games unfold.